Training with Simulator

Aydın Sarı Driving Course put in to service training with simulator . Simulator training is a system that supply aware of driving with multimedia techonolgy , drive in real traffic in virtual county and to drivers.

Three dimesional public square includes houses shopping places parks schools cafes banks and etc.
With buses minibuses pedestrians billboards simulator  presents a living are to candidate drivers.
This training perpetuate to drivres that real feelings with air conditions driving performance and road interactions

There are audible and visible  signs which warn in every mistakes. It provide to learn more active and be effective the training by the warnings which is on the right side of simulator

Simulator helps to improve their driving abilities in stress free atmosphere

Drivers will have experience with recognize to their faults without any risks

Systems Feature:

 Real life atmosphere
 Secure driving Experience
In the control of traffic lights , signs and policemen real traffic experienced  
 Training in correctly by adhering to rules
 Concurrent warning system with traffic violation
 Frequently happened traffic events
 Accomodate to different traffic conditions
 Ruggedly prevent to training and hardening together
 Detailed performance reports
 adjustable number of pedestrian and car
 Eligible driving cars
 Eligible air conditions 
 Manuel/Automatic transmission 
 Eligiblecar seat  o
 Mirror controls

GeReal controls:

 Horn,Turn signal,contact  Gear

 Clutch, Brake, gas pedal  EHand brake

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