About usage of Airbag


Airbags are the security
accessories which are designed for front or near front crashs.Airbag also designed for minimize the head and chest injuries and decrease the crash level to middle or minimum.

It is seen from an experiment of NHTSA(National Highway Traffic Security Agency) that airbags are effective in 75% of headcrash and 66%of chest crashs if it is used with safety belt.

Unfortunately this accessory is dangerous for the childen who sit front seat.

  • Childrens must  not travel in front seat in the back look baby seat. Because airbag is too near to children in these condition.
  • If children sit in front seat and do not use safety belt or sit in incorrect form or their safety belt is locked in incorrect form they are in danger and they sally out of window or airbag can hit them easily in accident time.
  • Drivers and all the passengers esp. who are shorter than 1.65 cm must use safety belt correctly and pull their seat to back as possible as.
  • Airbag is designed for hitting by front side not to near sides or back. And it must be used with safety belt.


  • The distances between driver and steering minimum will be 25 cm
  • Driver should seat in acceptable condition and his seat are pulled back as possible as
  • Safety belt must use in correct conditions always.
  • If there are airbags in front seat do not place the baby seat face the seat.
  • Airbags have risks for the children who sit in front seat. Childrens must seat in back seat until 12 age.
  • If steering wheel is adjustable , regulate it  to your chest not to your head.
    Air bag is dangerous for childrens and crocks. Airbag must not filled with poison or combustible gases Gas which is filled in airbag must come by in minimum time (20-80 milisecond) .The most suitableone is nitrogen gas.
    How acted gas?
     0 milisecond :Begins of initial contact 
    30 milisecond : airbag is ready for sweeling
    30–54 milisecond : Airbag is become active and begin to sweel by progressive stages
    54 milisecond : Initial contack cis happened between drivers head and airbag.
    54–58 milisecond : Drivers body stress on airbag and sweeling is getting faster.
    84 milisecond : Airbag is sweeled completely

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