About Usage of Baby Seat

About Baby Seat which is in vehicles

 System of children guard
 Most of the injuries and death are prevented with using of baby seat and safety belt. All the same time most parents put their childerninto danger with the wrong usage of safeguard systems.Experts say that baby seat are install and use wrongly in 80-90%
Aim of baby seat is to allocate the crash effects to strong parts of body ( bach ,shoulders etc) instead of only one point of body and minimize the crash effect

 Kinds of Children safety systems  
 Baby Seats (Until one year for the babies who are 8-9 kilos): These seats are designed from birth to one age and install as back looking shape for prevent baby's head and neck  to injuries. Also this seats are not to connectwith front side. Use them until the baby act by himself.
 Active Child Seats(For 0-4 age and 0-16 kilos): These seats have mobility with carriyng as look back or front side for childrenwho are more than 8-9 kilos. Childrens should sit for looking front side whose weights are between 9 - 18 kilos and until 4 age.
 Support Seats (For 4-8 age and 28-30 kilos): These seats are designed for children who are older than 4 and until 28-30 kilos and who are not use active child seats and not ready for safety belts.These seats back sides are more higher so head and neck habit are prevented better.
 Safety Belts: In three point safety belts shoulder parts pass accross from shoulder and rib cage and arrange like not to connect with face and neck . In two or three point safety belts are not be too narrow or lax must be on hips not on stomach.
 General Advices for Children Guard Systems
 The most safety place is back seat for children. If baby seat could  install easily the best place for it is center of the back seat.
  Vehicle baby seats which are designed for  0-4 age are bot use in front seat of vehicles if it is have side air bag.Because air bags are opened in the accident and hit the seats so it is cause injuries.
 If child must seat in front seat retreat the seat as possible as.
 Be sure that plastic waistgrip is belt safetly.

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