Advices for Candidate Drivers

                                 Control the wheels air for good driving and brakings. Bad wheels may cause accident.Change wheels like two front or two back and be careful that both two of them have the same design. 
 Decrase in brake hydraulic oil will be the portend of fault . If brake pedal is stop in some level and then tight when pushed there will be a real problem.  Go to service immediately.
 ABS brake system does not supply good stands in curves , wet floors etc. ABS do not have any advantages in wet floors during following of front vehicle.
 You should set safety belt according to your body. Be careful that safety belt must not be on the neck area.
 In winters electric usage is increase.So you should check battery charging generator and then check the batteries. If your battery is over do control the battery water , acid rate in water and top of axles.Clean top of axles with grase oil or vaseline.
 Control the fuel filter and carburetor. If carburator filled with water working of your vehicle is getting harder.
 Before winter you sholud add antifreeze to heater.Do not forget that it is necessary to get assistance from the services.
 To obey the following distance.Not to make excessive speed and have reflector tow rope etc in yor vehicle  
 Not to use handbrake in cold weathers.If you forget  it in on condition and it is freeze try to open the brake by pushing from front and back.  If vehicle door lock is freeze heat the key before using
 Close doors always.Also locked them in intercity journeys. To clean door handles , electrical rear view mirrors and aerials with the vaseline.
 Not to do use hot water on the freezing 
windshiel wipers. Normal  tap water is the best deicer fluid.  If inside of the glass  is cleaned with soap there will be no evaporation.
 1.Not to drive with alcohol
 2.Do not go on journey with old wheels. In winters teeth weight shuold be 3 mm and in summer 2mm
 3.Use the safety belt everytime. If it is possible also back seat passangers should use safert belt. Not to put anything in front of back window. Childrens must to seat in child seat.
 4.To light dip lights in mornings and nights. Your lights , mirrors  should be cleand an be ready to work every time. Not to stick any thing on windows
 5.To run
windshiel wipers  before visibility range closed and if necessary change the wiper rubbers.
 6.To use signals always , check the road after signals and do not believe others signs which ahev passed meanings.
 7.To decrease your speed in the rainy and foggy weathers.
 8.To hold steering wheel with 2 hands like 9.15 position.
 9.To set seats according to you. Your legs not to be tight during push the pedals and your knee should have normal angle.
 10.To push brake and clutch pedal together in the emergency times for stopping in short distances. Always control front and back traffic during driving.
 11.Not to brake others lane when stopped in red lights or pedestrian crossings.
 12.Not to argue with anyone because of passing rights and give passing rights by smiling.
 13.Do not hear the horns when the green light is lighted and be calm.
 14.In foggy weather increase the following distances  and follow the left side road lines not to front vehicle.
 15.If coming driver light the long head lights be calm decrease your speed and behave like there is a problem  (Short lights must show 25 m - long ones must show 100 m )
 16.If there is front passenger air bag people who are shorter than 1.65 cm should not sit front seat.
 17.Heatrests save the life in accidents so check them when get into vehicle.
 18.Be bent on doing during passing right and set your speed and choose the best time for passing
 19.Have the real first aid bags not the non functional.
 20.Have the enough fire extibguishers and locate them near driver.
 21.To make vehicle controls before going on journey.
 22.Obey the following distances on rainy or non rainy weathers control the back and front vehicles.
 23.Not to race with some one else.
 24.Not toslip the gear in to neutral To use same type of gear during coast not to change gear
 25.Not to talk with mobile phone during driving. If it is urgent take your vehicle to right side and talk like that
 26.Not to use unnecessary brakes. In stooping and slowing use normal brake. Not to talk during driving.
 27.To have all the tools which should be in vehicles.
 28.To make necessary signs when your vehicle is out of order or tire trouble.

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