Advices for Dependable Driving

To obey the traffic rules is necessity. All the drivers sould believe this. Anomy can cause traffic accidents which could be ended with death or injuries.

Driving is a serious decision. If dont have enoug experiences to drive in less crowded roads.
So what can we do ?

* Do not think after sitting on driving seat and give your  concentration to road.

* Please take care! If you do not take the road on time do not try be on time. Be calm instead of  fever and be  kind instead of nervous.

* Your vehicle sould be in good repair.

* All the equipments sould be full which should be on vehicle.

* Equipments should be controlled  from time to time. Fire
extinguishing apparatus should be controlled in every 3 months. 

* Put the
fire extinguishing apparatus near the drivers seat. do not forget fire extinguishing apparatus is nor an accessory.


Safety Belt:

You hit your vehicle not your vehicle hits you. So you should use safety belt. It prevents to sally out drom vehicle and have important injuries. Safety belts are not as boring and binding as wheel chairs.

People who use safety belt have living change 3 times more in sinking and 5 times more in fire. Also getting cauth in safety belt is too rare and do not shown in scientificial inspections and accident inquiries.

Two more warnings:

* Safety belt is not be too tight or too lax
* Use in short distances.

Are headrest accessories?

Second hit in accidents is to hit the head to back.In these times headrests prevent to deaths or  paralysations. Please do not see them like accessory

Do we know everything about children ?

If child concantrade on something all other things lost their importance. Far away ball is forgetten him the traffic.

Children think that ; if he see you you also see him so he act according to this. Their heads are too narrow according to anatomic conditions. So they can see narrow places.

Do not warn children with horn. Horn is detract their attention and make panic them.

So what can be done?

Please be more careful and reduce your speed when get closer to pedestrian and school crossings.

If child is between us ?

Child usually wants to sit front seat but do not cave in. Tell  the utility of sitting back until 10years old. If you can inform them they will be convinced.


They are the most weakness items of the traffic. So be careful agains them. Especially to childrens.Reduce your speed when get closer to pedestrians and school crossings and be careful 


Alcohol is the reason of most accidents :

When quantity of alcohol is increase oxygen in blood is decrease and brain do not have enough oxygen so it begins to loose its functions. There are weakness in balance , see , hear functions. Fear is decrease and scratch is increase. please do not drive with alcohol. 

Pay Attention Cigarettes !

Smoking in driver seat have less risks but dangerous. To take out cigarettes from package or light them cahnge your attention way. So this may be caused accidets. Not to shake your ash out of window. Accoring to air current hot ash may come into the vehicle or spring to your eye.

If cigarettes fever is drop on you or your vehicle do not be panic and do not turn over steering suddenly. Want help to person who sits near you. Or if you alone take your back to rode side.

It is fobidden to throw away cigarettes ash or  snipes out of window. It may be caused forest fire. You must crash out cigarettes before get in petrol station.


Periodic cleanins is as important as maintanence. Dirty windows, mirrors , headlights have bad effects on our driving.

*If you want to wash your car by your self parking it  in shade places.

*Use soap or auo shampoo in cleaning. And do not use brush. Because brush strike off your car paintings Begin to out wash from top and wash with foam. Do drying with clean fabrics. It is necessary towash your car copletely time to time.


*To inform about your coming when do not see head over heels ,crossroads etc.,

*To warn users of high ways in case of necessity,

*To imply passing wish in mornings ,

Horn shouldnt be used except these conditions. It is forbidden to have horn which can only be first passing right have vehicles.


Most of the people believe that driving out of cities are easier than driving inner cities. But this is not true. After having enough experience in inner cities than drive out of cities. If you  noticed to have long journey please do your vehicle maintanence.


Commercial vehicle drivers and freight carrier drivers can drive maximum 9 hour in 24 hours . After first 5hour driving should have rest 30 minutes. After 5 hour you get more and more weary so can have most rests. There is no restrictions for personal car drivers but they should have rest in every 2-3 hours.


If you fell sleepy to stop in acceptable places and sleep nearly an hour. After sleeping do some exercises in open air so you can drive 2-3 more hours easily.

Rest should be out of vehicle.

To eat light foods. It is very dangerous during driving.



Maintanence is more important after winter. Some cautions are listed below :
*To clean bottom side of vehicel from dust and mud
*To control freezing and oiling systems and do necessary changes.
*To check antifreeze level
*To check air condition gas in air conditioned car
*To change brake hydraulic. .
*To set wheels air balance according to summer
*If it is necessary wheels change can be done
*If parking can be done for a long time use sunshade

Some important points during driving in summer:

*Use air conditioner instead of windows.
*Use hig quality eye glasses.
*You feel more sleepy so be careful about rests eatings and drinkings.


*To set antifreeze freezing level.
*To check thermostat conditions.
*To check cooling system if there is escapes or not. .
*To check heating system
*To check and do air settings of wheels.
*To check battery
*To check headlights
*To check brake system
*To add tire chains and tow rope
*To use flux spray for iced windows.


An accident classical : No marking or wrong marking

Not marking accident areas or wrong markings and not to take non work vehicle to road sides are the some reasons of an accident

Proper marking is that ; to light warning lights,to put warning traingle front and back size of vehicle. One side of warning triangle can be 45cm and all the sides must have 5cm reflective surface.Also it must have legs which can supply not to fall in windy weathers.

Warning triangle must put 30 meter away from vehicle in head of heels or crossroads and must be seen from 150meter away by drivers.

If hazardous material carrying vehicles are out of order  and be stranded they must marked with red lights and there must be some one near the vehicle.


Back window  is used for seeing back but some people are load  like not to see. To put bag, clothes foods and drinkings or to put on etiquette is forbidden by laws. These things are put in danger traffic security:PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!


If we know place where we go we can use nearer distances and our fuel consumption level is decrease. So it is necessary to have city map. Alsa you dont fiddle


To follow same distances is helped to learn that way very well  and have information about dangers. But be creful that traffic density is not much more. Because heavy traffic exhaust both you and your vehicle

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