Points of safety driving

Points of safety driving for candidate drivers and drivers ...
What is active and passive security ? Active security equipments are the vehicles which helps to minimize the injuries in accident time. Safety belts , air bags , headsets are the examples. Passive security equipments are oriented to prevent the accidents.   ABS, ETC, EBD are the examples.

How to Drive a Car With an Automatic Transmission
? In automatic gear vehicles fuel consumption is much more than manuel gear vehicle. Steptronik gear vehicels are both used as manuel or automatic. Digits which ar on gear box means that P ( parking) R ( reverse gear ) N ( out of gear) D(drive) 1,2,3 (first second third gear ) It is necessary to use first second third gear in rainy iced weathers and and vertical hills. N position helps to save fuel consumption in stopped conditions but never on driving.

What to be known about engine oil? Motor oil decrease the friction by covering completely the whole  acted parts of motor.
Also do the 40% percantage of freezing the engine.

What is ABS ?
Wheels are blocked when jams brakes on the wet and slimy floor. At this time driver begin to lose his control of the motor car and car begins to glide.ABS is a system that prevents the blocks of wheels. When the driver push the brake pedal harsly , system sets the brake pressure in 4 wheels automatically thus provides wheel locked. ABS provides orientaion ability to drivers as pumping the wheels 18 times in a second.

What is Airbag ?
Most of the people are injured by hittinh their head to sterring or control panel.Aim of air bag is prevent people from these injuries.But it is reinforcement to guard of driver or passenger safety belt. 

What is Immobilizer? Immobilizer supply that veicle works by on self without vehicle starter keys with the cut of some electrical circuit.

 ·  What can be done if headlights fade suddenly ?

* Try to switch on lights by turning far arm
* If they do not switch on , switch on other warning lights like ( signals , parking or fog lights)
* To take your vehicle road side quickly
·  What should be done if there is tire trouble during driving? 
* To hold steering strongly for driving straightly.
* Slow down by progressive stages. Take your foot from gas pedal and push the brake slowly.
* If it is possible take your vehicle in safety areas or road sides.

What can be done if engine stoped ?
 *To hold steering strongly and take to road sides
What can be done ıf there is a problem in gas pedal ?
 If your vehicle can not slow down or motor hot :
* Give your attention to road.
* Throw out of gear.
* Stop the engine
What can be done if brakes are out of order?
* Use hand brake. To pull hand brake slowly.If your vehicle begin to glide release the hand brake. 
* If it doesnt work gear down and find safety places for to stop.Do not drive with out of work brakes.
Most of new vehicles have ABS . ABS helps to stop without any gliding.
·  Genel olarak aniden durmanız gerekiyorsa; 
 -If your vehicle have ABS brake sytem
* Push the brake pedal as strong as and keep on pushing.
-If your vehicle do not have  ABS:
* If you have strong brakes you lost your steering control
* Try not to lock the brakes.
* If brakes are locked your vehicle begin to wielded so take your foot back from brake pedal.
* When you fell that you have steer control again push the brake.

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