First Aid lesson Subjects



- If a person have hearing impaired and get around tıo enough limit with a hearing aid he can drive with B class special cars and F class driving licence

- Hearing impaired persons do not take H class(special designed for handicappeds) driving licence

- Candidatess who have orthopedic disabilities can take H class of driving licence after have special designs in their autos.

- If a person use glasses or lens they must use them while driving.

-If a candidate just see with one eye or have colour blind have heart failure adicted to pills do not take driving licence.

-Alcohol decrease the drivers reflex.

- The most right thing for drivers not to use any alcohol

- The alchol and pills adicted can not take driving licence in any conditions.

- Using seat belt in inner or outside of the city is obligatory.And also it is necessary to have headrests in vehicles.


- Drivers cause the traffic accidents mostly.

-Most of the reasons of the accident is not to obey rules or drive exceptional.

-Psychological conditions are important in driving.Drivers do not obey the rules according to their psychological conditions




-Transplantation mostly done in blood and kidney.After them heart , pancreas lungs etc...

-It is forbidden that to do transplantation under 18 and non compos mentis

- In childrens transplantation can be done as from 2years old and with the permit of their parents .

- Doctors who are giving medical treatment before death can not be in the group which can do transplantation.

- Tissue and organ transplantation is sufficient in law and religion 

- Cancer , diabets , illness in kidney and AIDS patients dont do transplantation.

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