For Dependable Journey

 If have journey with your family , sit the back seat and use safety belts.If it is necessary use extra seat or raising seat.
 Can we talk during journey? Of course you cantalk and tell lots of things to each other but do not derange the driver and distraction of him.
 Our main duty is to supply our safety and play along with driver. It means that do not do any acts which blanket his driving. Asthese conditions you can have dependable journey.

 Advices for dependable driving:
 To arrange your seat like to hold the top of the steering and hold steering in 3-9 clock conditions.
 To check everything before and end of the driving.
 During driving be careful and do not overlook the right side traffic signs.
 Do not forget that speed limits are shown in the traffic signs.
 Do not slip the gear neutral during down a street
 Ig you do not get too closer to other vehicles you do nor be in an accident which is done by them
 Check your mirrors frequently.
 To supply your vehicle safety before depart
 Do not look oncoming lights and be concentrate the right side of road.
 To empty left side of roads except passings.
 Do not drive sleepiness
 If your eyes is stand firm on one point this is dange signal.

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