Traffic Process (Foreign Driving Licence )


A)Foreigns can driver turkish plate or foreign plate vehicle as the same driving calss in our country abide by an agreement


A) Except tourist and coming for a while ; foreigns who are in Turkiye for working or education must carry the copy of driving licence which can translated by the public notery or consuldate .

B) After return to country abide by  agreements according to their desires driving licence can be changed without looking education or exam conditions

But , Turkish people if do not change thier driving licence after returns  in a year they can not be drive during change of it

During Changing;

1- Except education and exam conditions , age ,health and not be sentenced from determined crimes conditions  are searched

Abide by an agreements there is no researches for the people who have diplomatic privilege .Their announcements are enough.

2 - During the application all process done and additional to them ;

a) Original copy of foreign driving licence and noterial copy is wanted together. After controlled by the authorized original one given back to owner.

b) Provisionally  taking driving licence can not be changed with the international ones.

c) If there is some suspects about driving licence original one Security General Directorates opinions are taken with the original one and noterial copy.

3 - People whose driving licence changed if want to increase their licence before changing they take the exams. .

But be older than 22 years condition is searched for   C,D and E class.

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