How many hours in total of traffic motor and first aid lessons?
Traffic is 35 , motor 16 and first aid lessons are 12 hours . In total 63 hours

  Can I drive with drivers certificate without taking driving licence?
No. Certificate is not driving licence.So you can drive after taking your licence from Traffic Registration OfficeTrafik

  If I failed from first exam how many extra exams can I take?
After failed first exam you can take 4more exams. In total number of the exams which you can take is 5

  How many questions are in the exam amd how many of them must done?
50traffic , 40 motor and  30first aid questions in total 120 questions are asked .from traffic 35 ( each of it is 2 marks ).From motor 28 ( each of it is 2,5  marks ).From first aid  21 question ( each of it is 3  marks )

Does wrong answers effects right answers?
there is no effect.

  In how mnay days should I go Traffic Registration Office ?If I dont submit in the giving time  is my certificate is cancelled ?

 Your certificate is not cancelled but aftr a year you should change health report and prosecutor documents with new ones.

 What sould I do after passing the test exam and driving exam?
After taking your certificate from your course you must go to Traffic Registration office and translate your certificate to driving licence


  What should I do if I want to translate my B Class licence to E Class?
After prapering all docements and you only take motor exam and driving exam

  What is the enough marks in exam?
In each of lessons 70 is the enough mark.

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