Motor And Vehicle Tecniques

Brake kinds

1- Air brakes

2- Hydraulic brake

3- Mechanic brakes

Working: Liquits can not  wedged in to work in principal.


1- If lambs do not lightened when push the brake pedal brake system hydraulic is empty.

2- If one of the lambs do not lightened when push the brake pedal  lamps bulb is burnt.

3- Fren yapıldığında aracın hızı azalmıyorsa hidrolik kalmamıştır.

4- Brake hydraulic oil must be checked daily.

5- In Westing hause system if the car stops while working brake is not hold.  

6- Be careful not to drive with parking brake

7-If brake is turn hardly oil consumption is increase. .

8- If brake oil is diminished it will be completed with hydraulic oil

9-Parking brake and foot brake are in vehicles.

10-During driving use the correct gear according to speed.




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