Faults and Maintanence of Motors

4- Distributor: Transfer the electric current from induction coil to spark plugs  to firing line.

a) Point : By opening and closing help for high tension

b) Condenser: To secure point from damege to high tension

c) Issuing reel : To send high tension to spark plug by lines.

5- Spark Plug: It supply that to fire fuel - air mix in cylinder  by making spark which come from distributor


Faults and Maintanence of System

Electrolyte of batteries must be 1 cm above of leaden plate When the electrolyte is decreasing pure water must be added. To be charged battery in winter for not freezing.Top of the battery's must be clean 


Air holes must be open If the holes are closed battery will be bşow up. Top of the axles should be oiled with grease for secure from oxidation. Positive axle top is bolder than negative top. Hardwares do not touch with axle tops If it touches battey will be blowed up. Do not hit the top of axles. To reinforce battery with another battery connect positive pole to negatine and negative pole to positive.(as parallel ) According to user guide change the spark plug and points in determined kilometres. Point , spark plug and first stork setups must be done. If first stork set up is out of order motor doesnt work.




Fuel System in Petrol Motor

Duties: To send fuel air  mix to cylinders according to different engine speeds.


1- fuel dept:Container that fule is depoted

2- fuel gauge: To show the fuel quantitiy in depot. It works when the contact open

3- Oil Pump:Takes act from camshaft to send the fuel  from depot to carburator

4- petrol filter: Clean petrol
5- Carburator: Fix the fuel and air mix in the ratio of 1/15
6-Air Filter: To send clean air to cylinder as cleaning the foreign bodies in the air. It is on the carburator. If the air filter is stopped colour of exhaust is black burn is getting worse

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