what is starter system



1-Take down axle tops for not having looser of alternator if there will be arc welding on the vehicle.

2-If  stretched of fan belt is more than 1-1.5 cm charge lamp is twinkle.

3- Lambs are usually blow up if electricity produced by alternator is not tuned.

4- Charge light is lightened if alternators coal is end.

5- Charge light is giong out when tu push the starter and engine is working

6- The another reason of to lightened charge lamp is tear or laxity in calternator connection cable.

7- When do not push tje gas pedal if far lights is decreasing battery get thin.

8- If battery is not charged while engine is working , alternator not to produce electricity.

9-Battery is start lights and special receivers. 

10-If regulator is out of order there is exceed lose of water from vehicles battery.




To start the engine by ginig the first act with the help of starter engine.


1- Battery

2- Starter Key

3- Solenoid

4- Starter Engine

5- Steering wheel gear

Working:. Give to first act to engine when open the starter key and push the march starter gear turn the  Steering wheel gear



1- If march do not turn or horn doesnt working akü will be empty or axle tops is lexible.

2- If push the starter key more than 10-15 second akü will be getting empty.

3- While starting the motor march engine turn slowly or there is voice and march engine doesnt work battery will be get thin.

4- The first action in starting locked is to wave the to engage the gear.

5- Motor doesnt work if cables are lexible in march motors marge gear is broken march coal is erozioned or march motor is out of order.






To supply to get out of gases which occur after burnt. Normal colour of white in winter and colourness in summer.


1- Outlet valve

2- Exhaust manifold

3- Exhaust silencer

4- Pipes


1-Exhaust silencer is decrease the voice of exhaust gases.

2- If there is more loud, there will be hole in silencer or pipes

3- If exhaust silencer is stopped fuel comsumption is increase.



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