power transfer equipments





1-Clutch System

Aim: To transfer  or cut engine actsto wheels during engine works.


1- Pessure
2- Lining

3- Spindal

Note :

1-Clutch is between gear bow and steering wheel. Up of the steering wheel.

2- If there is voice during the changes of gear reason is not to push clutch perfectly or clutce is not tuned.

3- Clutch plate is erosioned if to push it steady.

4- Reason of abduction or drift is oiling in lining.

5- Not To engaged in gear if clutch cable is tear.

6- Tune of clutch is out of order if clutch is woring in last level.


2-Gear Box

Aim:To turn vehicle speed accordin to road and load conditions.


1- Axis shaft

2- synchromesh

3- Group gear

4- Back gear

5- Output shaft


1-To turn the speed and and power the vehicle.

2- To change ails according to user guide. If there is loud in gear box there is no oil in it.

3- To check oil level in the maintanence.

4- To use gear oil.

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