Nota Bene Points During Buying of Vehicle

Kind (Models / Styles)
Before buying you must give your decision about for according to which aim this vehicle can be used. According to this kinds of vehicle can be sport , luxury , vehicle with sunroof or not front wheel or back wheel drive car, mini medium or big size .

The most important thing is price with uncovered or covered. This information helped about making correct decision.

First comer thinkings about performance are power , speed and haulage. For long term security becareful about high performance engine vehicles.

If you like making speed learn the maximum speed level of candidate vehicles. It get easier your decision .

Give priority to marks which are
reconnoitre on security , performance and durability.

Some people prefer beauty according to performance. Firstly you must your vehicle.

If security is important for you learn that if there is extra security equipments except safety belt and air bag or not.

Most critical another point is that service facilities. Be sure that vehicle has enough  service network and
replacement goods
. Maintanence and control charges are are changes according to engine type of vehicle or  complicacy of transmission component

If you like accessories you can prefer vehicles which have more accessories. It helps to make 
customization of your vehicle

New or Used ?
If your budget is enough buy new vehicle. New vehicle begin to life with you under the producer guarantee so that you can use it in long periods with sure touch.

Auto galleries supply test drivings.But these test drivings are not be enough for you to understant that you like this vehicle or not so that you can rent the vehicle for a days to understant that you like or not.during rent prefer the vehicle wihch are most used so that you can understand in which conditions vehicle can be after  long time driving.

If new vehicles are out of your budget search for second hands. Most of models are 30-40% cheaper than new ones. But be careful before buying that :

To control the vehicle which you want to buy with the auto repairman providing that the allowence of the owner of vehicle.

                                 To learn the history of vehicle with the help of outo magazines.

To make test drivings. and check the engine oil before enad after the driving. There shouldnt be seen any changes level and the color of oil.

To check irregular wheel delaying.
To ask service control registration. If there is this is a good sign.

To ask questions about vehicle who drivres that kind of vehicle.

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