Nota Bene points when get into curves

                                 2 Rules for going around curve correctly 
To decrease the speed before get into curves.To turn curves with the most wide angles"first out - then in - then out". And follow the road lines.

The most important mistake is get into curve with high speed and after decrease the speed. But do not forget that you should enter the curves with slow speed .

 Go around curve correctly
In right going around curve driving line must be like " firstly out then in and then out".Turnings should be done out side of corners  like right turning curves get closer to left side of the road and left turning curves get closer to right side of the road.
 To get into curves with the adequate speed instead of decrease speed level after enter the curve.Brakes only use to slow down the vehicle before going out the curve not to use brake in the curve.
 As from brake point direct the vehicle in to the curve and give gas until the apex( increase speed in determined quantity)In thr middle point
centrifugal force is maximum.This point is also the most inner point of curve.

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