stop on the traffic

STOP : Stopped of vehicles by all type of traffic obligatory( red lights , policeman warnings closure of road etc)

PAUSED : Stopped for a while for gettin in or out of passengers.

PARKING :To leave vehicles except stop or paused conditions.  

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT : Events which ends with death or injuries done by vehicles in highways.

PEDESTRIAN : People who are not in vehicles and be acted or non acted in highways.

TWO WAY HIGH WAY :It is the high ways that two sides are used.

ONE WAY HIGH WAY  : It is the high ways that only one side is used.

DIVIDED HIGHWAY :It is the high way that seperate from other with a seperator as determined 


MOTORWAY: It is the highway that prohibited for pedestrians animals and non motor vehicle and enter to this roads are prohibited. Traffic have special controls.

TRANSIT WAYS: Parts of highways for enter or exit from estates


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CONNECTION WAY : It is the highway which is connect the haighways and  be out of crossing roads

VEHICLE TRACK: Parts of high ways which are used by vehicles.

BCYCLE ROAD: Parts of high ways which are only used by bcycles.
Parts of the highways which of between vehicle track and buildings and used by pedestrians.

BENCH : Parts of highways which are used by pedestrians or animals if there is no lane for pedestrians

PLATFORM : It is the part of highway which consist of vehicle track and pedestrian lane.

MAIN ROAD : It is the highway that open the main traffic and have the first passing rights which is determined by signs.

RIDE ROAD :It is the road that have less importance than main road 

DANGEROUS DOWNGRADE: It is the downgrade which  provides gear down for driving safety

CROSS ROADS : ıIt is the comman fields that composed of  the connection of two or more highways.

PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS: It is the field that determined by traffic signs for safety crossings of pedestrians.

SCHOOL PASSING : Field that have been near the primary and secondary schools determined by signs for students


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