Car Registration


Magistrates entitled to adjudicate

All kind of cars except transports , construction Equipments and also trailers and semi-trailers which are more massive than  750 kg.are registred by Registration Office

Transports are registred by Turkish Armed Forces ,  Industrial systems are registred according to the places where used by owner offices.  construction equipments which are belong to public coorperation registrade by the office where it belongs to ,

 Construction equipments which are used in agricultural sector are registrated by  chamber of agriculture. And the non motor vehicles are registrated by city hall if it is necessarry


Owner of the car:

1- for the first registration  3 months as from buying or clearing goods

2-When buy a registrated cars 1 month as from buying  they must registrated with their names.

 Colour changes . adress changes and the changes made on cars  must be specify that  in 30 days to concerned offices

Drivers must be careful that ; their number plate must be seen 20 m far away when the lights turn on


Essentially Documents and plates which must be on cars:

1- Registration Card (Ownership Card)

2- Traffic Card

3- Insurance of liability

4- Registration

 Obligatory Documents and  plates which must be on transient registrated cars.

1- Transient registration plate

2- Transient traffic docemnts  ( A 6 days, B 30 days, C 6 days, E 6 days, F 3 months  )

3- Insurance of liability

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