First Aid lesson Subjects


Cell   : It is the  smallest living organism in our body

Tissue :It is consist of same kind of cells. 
It is consist of same kind of tissues

Sistem: It is consist of organs which have the same aims. Digestive , respiratory systems etc.  


Cell > Tissue > Organ > System > Human


Body Region

Head Region : head, Face, neck,brain, ear, chin.

Chest Region:Ribcage, hearth, lung, food pipe, windpipe

Abdominal Region: Stomach, guts, liver, gallbladder, spleen

Backbone Region Spine, spinal cord, kidney, legs, feet, arms,hands, shoulders.


Body Blanks

Chest  Blanks: Hearth, lung

Abdominal  Blanks:  Stomach, guts, liver, gallbladder, spleen

Pan Blanks:  Brain, cerebellum

Backbone Blanks: backbone, spinal cord

Pelvis Blanks: Pee bladder, proliferation organs

The most injured organs are : Face , head neck chest-brust stomache back.

To transfer non injured organs instead of injured organs called organ and tissue donation.In Turkey donation is relevant in law and religion.The most donationed tissue is blood 2nd is kidney.





First aid bag must be in vehicles for doing the first aid.Passenger number determine the amounts of the first aid materials. All the vehicles muts have first aid bag except motorcycle motorbcycle and working machines.

 Ticture of iodine is taken out from fiars ait bag.


First Aid Equipments which must be in First Aid Bag:

 Kinds                                                                      Quantity*

1- Big Turniquet (10 cm x 3-5 m)                                2 unit

2- Gas steril ( 10 x 10 cm 50 in box)                          1 box

3- Triangle band                                                        1 unit
4- Lind(70 gr.)                                                            1 package
5- Flaster ( 2 cm. x 5 m)                                             1

6- Safety pin                                                              10 unit

7- Small Scissors (stainless steel)                              1 unit

8- Esmark bandage                                                    1 unit

9- Tourniquet (at least 50 cm)                                    1 unit
10- Sticking Plaster                                                    10 unit
11- Plastic blanket  (150 x 200 cm)                             1 unit
12- Airway (air line tube)                                             1 unit
13- Breath mask                                                          1 unit
14- List of equipments in bag

*In every seat add one another bag

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