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First Aid Knowledge

Respiration stops when there is crash or pack in chest or electric shock or strangultions etc.

To put the shipwrecked person's head  back and get closer our ear to his mouth to understand that he can breathe or not.
If there is no voice no feeling of breath and pupil of the eye is geting bigger and bigger  it means that he cant breath.

Adults can take 15-20times breathe in a minute and childrens can take 20-30 breathe in a minute.

Brain is influenced firstly from respiration failures.When the respiration stops oxygen quantitiy in blood is decrease and death happens in 6 minutes. The best method is mouth to mouth in respiraiton.


Artificial respiration is done the people whose respiration can stop 4-6 minutes ago

Artificial respiraiton goes on until the person can breathe by himself if his hearts works on but couldnt take breath.Artificial respiration  must be done 15-20 times in a minute.

Holger - Nielsen method is prefered if there is bloody in mouth nad nose area.The patient lay flat. He can give breath by pushing to back and can take breathe by lifting from elbows.First helper can be the head of the patient.

If a person have respiration difficulties or begin to take breath by artificial respiraion can lay tilt positionand check the tongue and turn head to back.


Respiration in babys is giving often  little air from nose and mouth.

If there is black out from swoon to lay in tilt position for not stifle.

In Silvester methodi patient sholu be lay flat for respiration

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