First Aid lesson Subjects



Heart is the center of circulation system.It pumps 60-80 times in a minute to tissues and cells. Pulse rate is more than adults in babies.

Stop in pulsation ,  stop in respiration , enlargement in pupils decrease in body temperature etc are the size of heart stop.

Heart message can be done only the person whose heart stop mostly 6 minutes ago.The message area is 1/3 part of ribcage bottoms

For adults 60-80 message can be done but for babies 100 times can be done in a  minute.

If heart message and artificial respiration can be done with only one first aider by order of 15 heart message - 2 artificial respiration. together and if there is 2 first aider it can be done by order of 5 herth message and 1 artificial respiration. If the heart works it can be stoppde by doing heart message

Bleeding means that flow out of blood for any reason.

Internal Bleeding: To flow inside to organs.Vertigo , weakness, uneasyfeelings and thristy etc signs of it

Bleeding:To flow out of the bodyPresuure can be done with clean hand or finger on the bleeding zone.

1- Bleeding in artery:Spew gush out and light red colour.It is the  most dangerous type of bleeding

2- Vein Bleeding : Colour of it is dark red.

3- Cappillary Bleeding:  It is in lackage mode and not dangerous.


Methosd of Stop the Bleeding

1- To press with hand in bleeding zone
2- To press pressure zone :
To compress the bleeding vein between body and bone In neck bleed to press on the jagular vein.In head to press the vein on temple bone. In foot and leg bleed to press inside of groin.

In nosebleed wash the patiens face and napes with cold water and to seat the patient.

If 20%of blood lost end of the bleeding lion in the way begins.

1/13 percent of human body is blood


It means that to lost body's colour accordint to insufficient blood circulation.In flush , loss of water and salt in body poisoning etc. cause shock.

Signs of shock:Weakness, colouness in body , to turn yellow ,perspiraiton , worrying  increase in pulse rate etc

If there is a bleeding it is stopped directly and take the patiens to shock position.Shock Position: Patient lay out in flat position to basement and lift legs 30-40 cm up . Blanket to patient thus save body temperature. And transer to hospital immediately.Loss of body temperature is the most important signs of shock in traffic accidents.



It means that to get anemic in the brain  because failure of circulation. Haemorrhage , heart failure , decrease in blood pressure etc are the reasons of swoon. Weakness, colouness in body , to turn yellow ,perspiraiton decrease in blood pressure are the signs of swoon

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