First Aid lesson Subjects


In the traffic accidents crushed injuries occured mostly due to strong things.

- In opened injuries the first thing to be done is prevent to bleeding or shock.Not to put iodine on a wound.

- To compass the injured zone with the clean gause dressing. Not to use iodine ,peroxide or  pomade

In cut off injuries ; injured are get to closer and then make first aid.

If something go under body dont to try put it on and transfer the patient directly to hospital




Burns in organs and tissues are 3rd degree of burns.Digns of them are big and visionable.

1st degree of burns are the most slight burns and they dont have any signs

- Danger limit in large burns is 20%

-The burn injured are is blanked with clean cold iced or wet gaselum dressed.

-In chemical item burns wash wit water.

All vehicles must have fire extinguishing apparatus except  A1, A2 and  F class.It must be near the driver


First meddling is done in venue  with cold water and ice


Brokens :


For any reason if there is a change in bones this is called broken

- Dislocations and twist are happened  in joint zones and brokens are happened in every point of bones.

- To firm the brokens for not destroy tne organs and having no pain

- If firming is not done internal bleeding or paralysation can be occured.

- Splint means that flat things which helps to bone firm.

- Out splint must be from underarm to ankle.

- Splint for  the brokens between knee and foot is from ankle to haunch  

- If there is no splint in leg brokens to insert soft things between legs and interlock them

In back bone brokens the most dangerous thing is to become paralyzed so victim of an accident must not be seat.

- In collar bone brokens traingle tourniquet must be used.

Dislocations :

Departing  from joints to each other.
- Dislocation must be lift above from heart and be cold.To firm it and transfer to doctor.

Twist :

- Twistings are in active joints

- To prevent the swelling to lift upper than heart  in cold mode.

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