First Aid lesson Subjects



Head Injuries :

The most important signs are nausea and vomits
- If  bleeding from ear or nose it means that there is damage in brain. To lay the person that bleeding area is in bottom and transfer to hospital immediately.

- İf there is  differences between eye pupils it means that there is a damage in brain.

- In brain damages there is no answer to light warnings.

- victim of an accidents body must be hot and head must be cold.

Chest Injuries :

If there is open wound in chest press with wet clean gaslum dressed for prevent that to get in air in injuries.Lungs get smaller if air get into.Transfer in sit or semi sit positions.

In abdominal region Injuries :

Harshness in beated area is the most important signs of abdominal injuries.This is reason of internal bleedings. There is severe pain.

In closed abdominal region injuries press with ice and dont give any watered things.

In open abdominal region injuries position of the patient can change according to injuries.


Back bone Injuries:
If the victim on an accident do not transfer in properly he become paralyzed if there is broken in back neck or waist:the correct position is lay supine in a hard ground of litter.



Poisoning :

a) Poisoning by respiraiton: It occurs by gases

- The most dangerous one is occurs in garages or closed areas

- Oxygen is lost  by carbon monoxide

- Person who poisoned by respiration be in tilt poistion.S

- If they do insufficient respiration they picked to fresh air. If it is necessary make artificila respiration.


b) Poison by taking from mouth :

- If  patient have his  head screwed on the right way he can make vomit.The most efficient method is done with fingers by warning back of tongue.

- If drink chemical materials to make water and dine with yogurt .

c) Snake and insect sting :

- In snake stings zone must be cold and below the heart level.

- Also in insect and bee stings is important that zone must be cold for prevent swelling.

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