First Aid lesson Subjects



-To put cold things on the body for decreasing the body temperature as first aid.

-As a result of sunstroke heat center in brain can be destroyed body temperature is increase and there will be perspiration.

-Sign of sunstroke is losses of water and salt from body. So drinking  salty made of yogurt and water is necessary

- In surnburns transfer the patient to hospital immediately no need to first aid.


Slleping mode and willing is the sign of freezing

- Patient is provide against to sleep

- Body temperature will be increased slowly

- Do not do hard messages and do not drink alchocol



-In transportation of patiens litter should be prefered.

-Victim of an accident must be carried with litter if his leg is broken.His head must be above while pendute in stairs.

- Persons who have respiraion difficulties and be in shocked must be transfer to hospital firstly.

- Arms brokens twisted persons must be transfered in lastly to hospital

-If a patient have respiration difficulties and disgorge transfer to hospital in tilt position

-In respiratory tract victims of an accidents can be carried without litter.


Victim of an aciident who must be transfer in sitting mode.

Rib brokens chest injuries arm bone  brokens and collar bone brokens.

Victim of an acident who must be transfer in flat on back

- Spina injuries or brokens , leg bone brokens.

-In neck back and  waist spina brokens if the patient dont transfer in the right position he will become paralyzed. This kind of patient must be transfer with a litter.

If there is a broken between knee and haunch victim of an accidents must be flat on back and in inside and outside splinted.


If victim of an accident have injuries must be get out with 3 persons and carefully from the car. Be careful that there is no changed in splina while gettin out.

If there is a question that injured person have a injuries from neck . his neck must be rolled with kask or hard things.

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