Traffic and Enviroment

9- Barrier signs: One unit in autobuses,trucks and towing vehicle as 150 x 25 cm


Enviroment: Out atmosphere which effects and effected by people.

Environmental protection: Studies which done for protection of enviroment

Waste: Materials which throw to enviroment as constitude confusion on the enviroment

Enviroment Pollution:Negative progress which occurs in air water and soil by the acts of human, changes in echological balance


dBA:Sound evaluation unit

Noise:Unwanted sounsd that  disturbance of the peace and health

Enviroment Pollution:

1-Reasons of Pollution which damage the air quality :

a) Fule burning more than usual in the vehicles not to have maintain.

b) To use dirty fuel

c) Traffic density

d) To drive except necessary times.

e) To drive in a long time because of traffic density.

f) To be run needlessly in parking and stopping

g) Carbon monoxide gas is not be more than 3,5% idle and 4,5% on the move.

h) Exhaust gases of vehicles oil and fuel leakages wheel dusts etc.

ı) To overload vehicles drive fastly open the windows during driving use vehicles needlessly are pollute the enviroment

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Using micro cylinder cars not to drive to nearest distances are some of the precautions for protecting enviroment To use unleaded gasoline. To use public transportation.
Air pollution causes cancer , holocaust and asthma


2- Soil Pollution

In autos, minibuses,autobuses, trucks,small trucks and tractors

a) To make controls in adequate areas, not to pour engine oils fuels acids etc  on to soil.

b) Not to throw away wastes of eatingsanf drinkings.

c) Carrying of chemical and radioaktive materials without taking caution

d)Fires in forest and agricultural areas by drivers.

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