Traffic and Enviroment

Vehicles except ambulances if carry injured persons can use audible or lightened signs and use first passing rights despite they dont have in normal conditions. 

Vehicles which have yellow lights do not have first passing rights. This light is just used for warning of drivers.



Vehicle Drivers;

a- In two way traffics;ıf there is difficulties for oncomings take closer vehicle to right side or stop in right isde if it is necessary,

b- In dangerous disposed roads;if danger is for going out vehicles , going down vehicles must be get closer to right side and wait if necessary and if there is no maneuvre conditions for going out vehicles , going down vehicles must drive back.

c-In narrow streets if there is no signal as opposite meaning;

1- Non motor vehicle drivers to motor vehicle drivers,

2- Autos,minibus,small trucks,bus, trucks, area vehicle LTT, working machines must make oass easier for the written kind of vehicle in front of.

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Stop mean that stopping of vehicles by policemen commends in red lights , by obey the traffic signs or stopped because that front cars stopping.

Stooping as put danger  or delay the traffic is forbidden


To stop in a limited times for passengers get on or out , loading or waiting means paused.

If pausing is done for waiting time limit is maximum 5 minutes. After 5 minutes this called parking

 Be Prudent in Pause

1-Choose the most suitable area.

2- To occupy too little spaces in lanes

3- Benefit from bench if there is

4- If pasued aim is waiting for a long time take parking cautions and turn on parking lights.


Forbidden areas for paused :

1- In areas where inform that paused is forbidden with traffic signs.

2-In left lanes.

3- In pedestriaan school and railway crossings.

4- In tunnels crossing roads,ramps, 5mt in inner cities and 100mt in out of cities

5- In turnings and  head of heels ,

6- Bus taxi or tramway stations

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