Traffic and Enviroment


   Law of the road which is numbered 2918 is issue an ordinance for putting traffic on lane and show all cautions which are related to traffic safety.




            a- High Commission of Traffic Safety : Commission is gathered twice in a year with headship of Prime Minister. Secretary mission of commission is belongs to Security General Directorate

            b-Committees of Traffic Safety:Committee is gathered once in a month with the headship of Security General Directorate Minister.This committee discuss the offers realted to traffic safety.  

            c- Security General Directorate: According to law of the road mission of it,

-To control vehicles , documents which must be in vehicles, drivers and drivres documents etc.

- To arrange the traffic. 

- To arrange traffic accident fact finding report

- To inform relatives of injured persons and take cautions for safety of injured people.

- To register vehicles and give them plates and documents.

- To give driving licence

- To file vehicle and drivres and record technical and legal cahnges around the country.


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- To have statistical information and add value to them


            d- General Directorate of Highways :
Take cautions in highways by doing changing and markings which are necessary for human and good safety.

- To confirm, publish , and check marking stands to control and accept the projects. 
- To deliver opinions about vehicle tecniques, control and accept projects which are related to highway safety.

- To list datas about reasons of trafic accidents and take cautions against to them


            e- Ministry of Education:
To open driving courses  give permit to them and control of them

- To hold examination to candidates and supply giving of certificates to winners.
- To  make and apply traffic education plan  for in and out of schools



            f- Ministry of Health:
To plan and apply  first aid services about traffic accidents.


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