Traffic and Enviroment

UNDERPASS : It is the build that provide of under passing for highways and railways

OVER PASS : It is the build that provide of over passing for highways and railways

RAILWAY LEVEL CROSSING : They are the crossings that highway and railway intersect in the same level with or without gate

ISLAND : It is the places that done for passing or waitings,to get on or out to vehicles foe pedestrians. There will be no vehicle in these areas and determined with special system.

SEPERATOR : It is the device that seperates vehicle roads from each other , block passing one side to another

LANE : Each segment of vehicle track which helps to drive as  series in safety conditions.

PARKING GARAGE : Opened or closed areas where PARKINGSITE IN HIGHWAYS : Parking sites in vehicle tracks  or near tracks

PARKINGSITE OUT OF HIGHWAYS  : Parking sites which are out of highway boundry and connected to highway with service way.

STATION : Places which are determined with signs for get into and out of passengers 

GARAGE: Opened or closed areas where vehicles can b stopped in a long time and maintanence or controls also can be done in here

SERVICE STATION : Opened or closed areas where maintance controls and services can be done 


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FUEL STATION : Places where provided  fuel gasoline pressure air refill.

AUTO : Motor engine which produced for  people carrying and  have mostly 7 seats except driver.The ones which carry people with taximeter is called taxi MINIBUS : Motor engine which produced for  people carrying and  have seats between 8 and 14 except driver.

AUTOBUS : Motor engine which produced for  people carring and  have minimun 15 seats except driver Trolleybuses are also include this group .

SMALL TRUCK:  Motor engine which produced for  load carrying and  permissible maximum load is 3500 kg

TOWING VEHICLE : Motor engine which do not carry loadings and only pull trailers or semi trailers.

LAND TRANSPORT : Motot engine which prodeced for carriying passengers and loadings in high ways and take power from motor.

MOTORCYCLE : Motor vehicle which have two or three wheels with or without basket.

MOTOR BIKE : Bcycle which have 50 cm cylinder volume and spped limit is not more than 50km/h

BCYCLE: Non motor vehicle which have maximum 3 wheels and works with human energy

TRACTOR WITH TYRES : Agricultural vehicle which can be pull trailer or semi trailer in some conditions and not to be used in commercial loadings.


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