Traffic and Enviroment

7- In autobus and taxi stations.
8- To guide boards and except of parking places 15 mt in inner cities and 100 mt distance in out of cities.
9- Railways which are out of cities and in the vehicle tracks

Take up and Take off Rules

It is forbidden for drivers;

1- To take up and take off passengers ,

2- To open door before vehicle stops ,

3-To drive before close the door.


Parking means that to leave vehicles in a long time  except stop or paused. Parking aim is not changed if thee is person in the vehicle or vehicle is working.

Taking Cautions in Parking:

1- Pull up hand brake ,

2- Stop motor , turn front wheel to right,engage first gear in hills and back gear downgrades  

3- If vehicle is truck or bus in downgrades put wedges in back wheels.

4- During left the vehicle lock the doors and close the windows

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Places where don not Parking

1- Places where paused is forbidden

2- Places where parking is forbidden by signs.

3- In passing roads

4- In 5 mt distances from fireplugs.

5- In 15 mt distances from stations
6- In the middel lane if highway have 3 or more lanes.
7- As handicap for the parking cars

8- In 15 mt distances from determined areas which are for first passing right vehicles.

9- In or 10 mt distances from bridges or underways.

10-Except parking times and limits determines in parking plates.

14- Pedestrian ways.

Vehicles which are parked in forbidden areas and  as forbidden conditions are lift up by authorized people.

All lifting charges are belong to vehicle driver or owners .drivers must begin maneuvre after checking the passing vehicle


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