Traffic and Enviroment

It is forbidden that provided  and parking truck ,bus , tractors and working machines in highways except going out of order or aloowed by special permission.Small allocation units as villages are out of this decision.





Vehicles must turn on their lights in nights , in snowy,rainy or foggy weathers or in tunnels where are lightening is not enough.


Far Lights:

1-  In nights during driving out of cities.  

2-   In underlightened tunnels 

3- In same places and conditions.   

Drivers must light nearby and far ligts together for inform their comings to other drivers in nights in tunnels crossroads etc.



Nearby Lights:

1-     In meetings

2-     Places which have enough lightened.

3-     In following in front car

4-     In nights passing another car

5-     In mornings in  foggy rainy weathers.

Nearby lights must be setting as to show  25m and far lights must be setting as to show 100m


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Prohibition of Using Lights:

1-Using of fog lights except foggy snowy or rainy weathers and using with other headlights.

2-Using as pass meaning of  return lights.

3-Turn out lights in meetings 

4-Turn on far lights except minimum time for warning of front vehicle  

5-To have and use lights which are out of regulations. 

6-To drive only with parking lights or fog lights

Reflector: It should be back of the vehicles and maximum size of it will be 20cm. In trailers and semi trailers its inside must be full and one side must be 15cm as triangle shape.



Accoring to conditions of faulty vehicles :

1-If vehicle doesnt seen from 150 m distances to put red reflector or red lightened vehicle to front and back side. 

2-In head of heels put the red leflector minimum 30m far away for seen from 150mt distances for ohter drivres.

3- For buses and trucks in normal weather conditions there must be 150 x 25 cm size signs which can be seen from 150 mt distances.

If faulty vehicle carry hazardous materials there must be watchman near the vehicle


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