Traffic and Enviroment

Pulling of Vehicles:

1- Weight of vehicle is not more than towing vehicle.

2- To be in drivres director.

3- If light system is out of order to put red linen in mornings and red reflector or light in nights.


Conditions about Towing and pulling Vehicles:

1- Both vehicles must be empty and do not carry passenger,

2- Connection of two vehicles must be billet or guy.

3- Distances between two vehicles must not be more than 5m If it is more than 2.5m put red reflector in mornings or red light or reflector in nights.

4- If brake is out of order distances must not more than 1m and connection is made by guy.

5- Towing vehicles speed can not be more than 15km/h if the pulling vehicle brake is out of order and in other conditions more than 20km/h



It is forbidden for drivers during driving that:

1- To splash or pour out

2-To scare or amaze

3- To throw away snipes or other things on road.

4- To put in danger other drivers and people life with arbitrary act.

5-To use mobile phones or other communşcation tools during driving.


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Drivres can talked on the phone if there is special sets which are install on vehicle


It is forbidden to use audio tool as warning sign that :

1- To use except inform coming on head of heels turnings and for watning the highway users 

2- To use in a long time and tuneless as damage the utility silence ,

3- To have tools which must be on first passing right vehicles.

It is forbidden to have and carry video tools in utility vehicles.

Tape recorders and tools as like :

1- Do not be in shared taxi and utility vehicles.

2- In buses these vehicles must be far away from driver.


1- It should be after getting permission from Traffic Registration Office



1- School bus drivers must switch on the "STOP" lights during the get in or off students and other vehicles must wait  until the lights switch off. the

2-There must be student advisor in school buses for helping the students during get in get off and keep order in a school bus. Windows must be constant in school buses.


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