Traffic and Enviroment


It is forbidden to load over limits and to have more  passengers. Vehicles which have specialities about weight and size must take permission from General Directorate of Highway for carrying spaecial loads.Vehicle weight controls are done by General Directorate of Highways.Special permit must be taken from Atomic Energy Commission for carrying and loading of radioactive metarials.

Nota bene points during loading :

It is forbidden ;
1- Lay on loading as touch down , fall off , infilter on railways

2- Lay on as having jags or changing balance

3- Lay on as close the brake and turning lights number plates etc.

4- Lay on like get over 1mt from front and 2m from back

5- Lay on like get over from left and right sides



In cargo carrying vehicles at needful conditions :

1- In every 2tons 2 people can be carried if there is adequate seats and case is closed

2- In nearer distances if case damper is closed and there is a barrier for every tone of carrriyg limit 2 people can be carrying afoot


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3- For collecting or loading of agricultural goods, for every tone of carrying limit 3 people can be carried as sedentary in trailer or semi trailers of rubber wheel tractors.

4- If loadings and passengers are carried together, loadings must be fixed ,case dampers must be cloesd and there must be another part for passengers



Hazardous materials are ; radioactive materials,toxicants , explosive materials in chemical conditions, cumbustion materials etc.

1- During loading or offloadings it is forbidden smoking or use cigarette lighter ,match or materials which produce a spark in 30m

2- Do not enter the vehicles except lamp with battery-operated which is not more than 6 volt.

3- These vehicles must have 2 fire extinguishing apparatus which are  6 kg

4- There must not be any other loadings and any passengers except owner or vassal.

5- During parkings and pausing vehicle must be places under charged

6-The following distance is 50 km in out of cities for these vehicles 

7- In paused conditions 20m distance must be between other vehicles.


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