Traffic and Enviroment

7- If pedestrians have to walk in highways they must wear cast clothes ,have reflectors in their hands or carry light.



Authorised Offices for Registration :

All motor vehicles except transports, working machines ,vehicles working with rail systems are registrated by Traffic Registration Office.

Transports are registrated by Turkish Armed Forces, vehicles working with rail systems are registred by offices where to used , working machines are registrated by concerned offices where used.

Owner of the Vehicles must register:

1- For the first register in 3 months after buying or taking from duty.

2- For the vehicle which register before in 1 months after  buying with him own name

Changes in vehicles colour changes or adress changes must be informed registration office in 30 days.

Registration Plates must be seen from 20m distances.

Documents and Plates which must be in Vehicles :

1- Registration certificate

2- Traffic certificate

3- Liability insurance

4- Registration Plates

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Documents and Plates which must be in Vehicles which are register temporary :

1- Temporary Registration Plate
2- Temporary Traffic Certificate (A 6 days, B 30 days, C 6 days, E 6 days, F 3months )

3- Liability insurance



1- Personal autos and trailers end of first 3 age in every two years ,

2- Formal and commercial palte vehicles end of first 2age one time ,

3-Tyres tractors and trailers are one in every 3year

4- Other motor vehicles are one in every year.

Controls of vehicles are done by control stations which are belong to General Directorate of Highways
If vehicles do not have Liability insuarence they dont have control.

Junked autos must inform to related offices in one month.



Motor vehicles do not drive by the people who do not have dribing licence.

Driving Licence given by Traffic Registration Offices.

Bcycle drivers must older than 11 and non motor vehicle drivers must be older than 13 years old.


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