Traffic and Enviroment

-To open first aid stations on high ways for doing first aid in accident areas immediately and supply doctırs and nurses for these stations.

          g- Ministry of Transport :

-To supply coordination
To make inspection on registred vehicles.
-To control inspection offices
-To control vehicles weight and size 

          h- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs : -To make signs in main forest roads and to take preventive measures.
-To make signs in village roads and take preventive measures

            i- Municipal Borough:
To save in safety conditions the roads whichs responsibilty is belong to them

-To put traffic signs and plates if there is necessary on roads and crossings.

-To sign bottlenecks or bring away them which are danger for traffic

-To make traffic education stations for childrens


            j- City or County Traffic Commissions: İl - -To take due precautions for supply traffic arrangement or safety 
-To take due
infrastructure precautions for traffic flow

-To determine the routes, numbers , working conditions of goods and pepole vehicles


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-To give permission parking garages and announced the empty areas as temporary parking garages


Minister of City Traffic Commission is Governor and County Traffic Commission is Lieutenant colonel
Decisions of Traffic commissions are accepted by Governor and than inure



TRAFFIC : Acts and status of pedestrians and vehicles on highways.

HIGHWAY : Bridges,areas and grounds which are open to public for traffic.

TOOL : It is the general name of the motor non motor and speacial designed vehicles
Tools which are for carrying of people animal and loads.

DRIVER : It is the person who is the shipper of motor or non motor vehicle in highways

COACH DRIVER: Person who drives the vehicle which is register as commercial vehicle

PAASENGER :Pepole who are in vehicles excep driver and vassal

VASSAL : People who works in vehicles except drivers 

PASSING RIGHTS : Priority rights of pedestrians or drivers

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