Traffic and Enviroment

Driving Licences

Class      Vehicles       Qualification        Age        A1          Motorbike              -              17
A2         Motorbcycle          A1              17
B           Automobil              F               18


             Small Truck

C           Truck                 B-F               22

D           Towing Vehicle          C-B-F   22

E           Autobus                   C-B-F    22

F           Tyres Tractor              -        17


G          Construction Equipment     -     18

H        Special designed Vehicles    -      17

International driving licence is given by Automobile Association in Turkiye

Drivers must inform that their accomodation adress is changes in 30days

Driving Licene can be taken back becuse of reasons determined in below:

1- To see harm in drivings with health report

2- To determine that driving licence is faked


If vehicles do  not have civil responsibility insuarence ,they are prohibited frm traffic. Guarantee Fund is constituted in accidents which do not have civil responsibility insuarence, bankruptcy of insurers for damages
There must be  travel insuarence for prevent

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drivres and passengers due to all accidents during journey in international or inter city journeys


Confiscate of an Accident

Confiscate by police or county police for "Accident fact fiding report" which determines the reasons signs and proof of accidents

1-To open the road if road is closed to traffic. 

2- To take preventive measures for any additional dangers.

3-To make first aid and transfer the closest hospital of injured persons.

4- To police of goods

5- To fill Accident fact fiding reportT

Responsibilities of persons who get into an accident :

1-Stop and take acuses for traffic safety

2-Not to change conditions in accident area

3-To inform the officer in charges and not to leave from accident area

4-Litigators must inform their adress and id cards , show their driving and traffic forms and give informations about them

5-If the accidents end only real injuries litigators can

leave from accident area only if there is written agreement between them

Responsibilities of persons who pass by accident area

1-To take first aid acuses

2- To inform the accident to nearest police station and hospital
3- To carry victim of accidents to hospitals if officers wanted.

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