Traffic and Enviroment

1-To pass away in red lights or policemens stop warnings

2- To drive along roads which have "No entry" signs 

3- To drive opposite directions in two or multi stripped roads.

4- Hit from back 

5-To pass the vehicles not allow passing

6-To make wrong turning maneuvres.

7- Enter the stripped unlawfully

8- Not to obey first passing rights in cross roads.

9- Not to supply passing facilities in narrowed roads.

10-Not to obey maneuvre rules.

11- To stop or parking in out of residential areas except obligatory status.

12-To hit the vehicles which are parking as rules.


Traffic law courts are responsible fron court cases about traffic offences .

Judicial Penalties:

1-Small fine 

2- imprisonment in a minimum-security prison (with small fine )

3- Taking documents back ( with smalll fine )

4- Cloosing offices (with small fine)

Administrative Penalties

1- Small fine

2-Taking documents back

3- Point penalties (From one year during the penalty dates if drivers 100 penalty points driving licence can be taken back for 2 months and give education. If drivers have second 100 penalty point driving licence can be taken for 4 months and have mental tests

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If drivers have third 100 penalty point driving licence can be taken for an indefinite period 
Driving licence can be taken for a year in the accidents which ends with death.
If punishments pay as cash in 15 days
make a reduction of 1/4 percent.Punishments must be payed in a month.



1- Tachograph In autobuses trucks and towing vehicle

2- Taximeter : In taxies

3- Fire extinguishing apparatus: It must be next to drivers

a) In autos minibuses and trucks must have as 1 kg and one unit

b) Autobuses trucks and towing vehicles must have as 6kg and one unit 

c) In vehicles which carry hazardous materials must have as 6kg and two units.

4- Retro - reflector:Two units in all vehicles except motorbcycle and motorbikes. 

5- Spare Tire: In all the vehicles which carry passengers intercities.

6- Brake Block: One unit in autobuses , vehicles which are heavier than 3,5 tons and 2 axle trailers. two units in 3 or more axle vehicles and one axle trailers

7-Refills: In autos, minibuses,trucks,small trucks tractor with tyres.

8-First aid Bag:  In autos, minibuses,trucks,small trucks tractor with tyres.


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