Traffic and Enviroment

Construction Equipment : Motor vehicle as road construction machine and same as ,machines which are used in  agriculture, industry , public works etc.These vehicles are not used for carrying people animal and load.

Special Purpose Vehicle : It is produced for carrying people and loads like ambulance , fire engine funeral car etc.

School Bus : Vehicles which carry preschool , primaryschool and secondary school students

Utility Vehicle: All the vehicles which carry  load and poeple for utility service

Personnel Service :Commercial vehicles which belongs to a person or company and using for transport of utility personnel .

Camp Vehicle : Motor vehicle which have usable conditions for having holiday and do not used in carrying of loadings.

Trailer : Non motor vehicle which pulled by motor vehicle and used in carrying of people and loadings.

Semi Trailer : Trailer whichs some weight is carried by motor vehicle and be some parts on motor vehicle.

Lightly Trailer :  Trailer or semi trailer which is lighter than 750 kilos


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Vehicle Combination  : Connection vehicles which are driven as one unit.

Transportation Limit : The maximum limits of vehicles for carriying people and loading in safety conditions.

Loading Gauge : Measurement which determine the vehicles height and length for provide safety driving.

Maximal Weight : Weight of vehicle which can be carried with load.

Unladen Weight : Total weight of a vehicle which do not have passanger or load on it but fuel gauge is full and have equipments which must be in vehicle

Laden Weight : Sum of vehicles unladen weight and weight of carried passengers and loads.

Axle Load : The weight which carry on high ways from the wheels connect to same axle.(One axle: 10 ton,two axles 18 ton)




    It is forbidden that to put throw or pour something on highway likewise delay traffic , to block visibility of traffic lights  , change of highway conditions likewise writing or drawing on highways etc.     

Risks and curbs are taken away by municipal police or people concerned deafults are brought away by the related offices and charges are taken from in charges.If they do not obey inflict a fine on them

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