Traffic and Enviroment


 1- Signs of policemen

2-Lighted traffic signs

3- Signal hoods

4- Road lines

5- Other notations

This list is also list of right of preference

Audible or written lights are for pedestrians and set the pedestrians actions according to traffic



1- Signs of Policemen


a- Both of arms or one of the arms of policemen opened to sides, is mean that Pass for arms direction and stop for front and back vehicles.

b- If policemen lift up one of hands means that stop for all vehicles.

c- Policemen shows the red light to one direction all cars must bu stop on this direction.

d- Short audible whistle signs is warning and long audible whistle signs means stop.


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2- Lighted Traffic Signs


a- Red Light: Do not act at this direction.

b- Red-Yellow Light: Road is giong to be open traffic be ready for movement

c- Green light: Road is open to traffic for passing

d- Yellow light: Road is going to be closed to passing all vehicles must be stooped if the stopping conditions is suitable.

e-Flashing Yellow Lights: It has warning meaning. To pass carefully and slowly

f- Flashing Red Lights:It means that must be stopped check the road and pass after that  

g- Illuminated arrows: Set up turns. If driver want to turn according to arrows wait for green


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