Traffic and Enviroment

3- Road Lines

a- Broken Lines : It inform that if traffic conditions is suitable drivers can pass the front vehicle or changes the lanes

Lines : It inform that lanes can not be changed or there are not any passings in two way highways head over heels croosingroads,student ways tunnels etc.

and Broken Lines: Drivres must obey the meanings of the line which is closer to them

d-Nearer  straight lines means that must not enter the opposite idrections lanes.

e-Parking lines:
It show the parking places

f- Pedestrian Lines:
Lines which are drown on the streets for safety passing for pedestrians

g- Direction Pales:
Lines which show the adequate lanes for enter specially in crossroads.

h- Maximum Speed Limit:
Digits which are written on road show the maximum speed in vehicle road.


ı- Parking Prohibition Lines: Lines which are drown in curbstone 


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1- It is forbidden to drive having with alcohol or drugs.These are punished with a small fine and receive 6 months'imprisonment and cancelled their driving licence

2- Personal Vehicle drivers can drive maximum 0.50 promil alcohol.Driving with alcohol is forbidden for other drivers. If drivres do not obey these rules in 5 years for the first time for 6months second time for 2years their driving licence can taken back.Also punisghed with small fine and 15 penal point.If they do traffic accidents with injury or death they punished with gross fault.

3- People who dont have driving licence can not drive. And also if driving licence is not allowed to drive another kind of vehicle drivres also punished.

4- Motor vehicle drivers who carry load or passenger can not drive more than 9 hours and regular 4.5 hour in 24 hoursThey must have a rest 45 minutes after driving 4,5 hour.They can use this time in 15 minutes periods.Drivres can not smoke in public transport.



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