Traffic and Enviroment



 Drivers must do if there is no opposite meanings:
1- To drive the rightest side of the road 
2- In multi lane road drive due to their speed according to traffic conditions
3- To wait until the passing of other cars before changed lanes.
4- Not to change lanes as put in danger or delay  the traffic
5- Not to use the leftest side of the lane continuously
6- In two lane for lane or multi line roads derivers who drive except motorcycle auto,small truck minibus and autobus use the rightest lane except in passing and turning.

Also it is forbidden that ;
1- To change lanes except passing stooping ,turning or parking
2- To use 2 lanes together
3- To drive wrong lanes according to their speed and kind of vehicle
4- To change lanes get closer to crossroads , 30mt in innercities and 150mt in and out of cities
5- To change lanes without signals.


Drivers arrange their speed as;

1- Vehicle kind,

2- Load condition,

3- Road condition,

4- Waether and visibility conditions,

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5- Traffic conditions.
Spped of vehicles are shown in below only if not to get over 90km/h in inner cities and 120km/h in out of cities.

Maximum Speed Limits

Vehicle   Innercity   Out of City    ExpressHigh way
Auto              50               90                120

Bus                 50               80                100


Small truck        50               80                90


LAnd vehicle

Motorcycle          50               70                80

Vehicles carry
hazardous materials 30               50             60

working machines      20               20             -

Minimum speed limit is 15km/h in motor vehicles

If vehicles have trailer or semi trailer minimum speed limit will be lower 10 km/h than normal
Drivers must decrease their speed:

1-When getting close to crossroads,

2- Enter the bends

3- When getting close to head of heels.

4- When getting close to pedestrian and school crossings

5- To drive in road bend

6- When getting close to railway crossings

7-When getting close to tunnels,

8- When getting close to narrow bridges and holes

9- When getting close to construction fields

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