Traffic and Enviroment

Must decrease their speed

If there is no sign in opposite meaning speed limit will be exceed 10% .If exceed the speed limit more than 30% 5 times in a year driving licence can take back for a year.After a year drivers have mental test for taking driving licence again.If it is determined that some one recognize that where radar trap is or have radar trap they have punished with small fine and taking their tools.





Following distance is the distance which is the half of speed. For example if spees is 90km/h following distance is 45.

To drive as a unit there must be enough opening between vehicles for safety of other vehicles.This opening is not less than following distances.

Hazardous material carrying vehicles do not follow closeer than 50m in out of cities.


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Prohibited areas for passing:

1- Areas where passing is prohibited with traffic signs.

2-To get closer in bridges tunnels railway crossings head of heels and curves etc.

3- To get closer school and pedestrain crossings


Drivers must be careful before and during passing that;

1- Not to passed by another cars. 

2- Passed car do not begin to pass another car

3- Passing lane must be opened and empty for the pro distances.
4- There do not be any difficulties for passed cars.

5- There will be enough distances for passing


1-Passing done from left lane

2- To give left turn signals and warn the driver with horn in morning and with selector in nights

3- To enter left lane at distance of following

4- To follow left lane during to see the passedvehicle from back mirror.

5- After giving right turn signals enter the right lane and passing is completed.


1- If the vehicle get closer to right side for turningS

2- Tramways which are follow center of the road passing can be done from right side


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