Some Rules

Right of way boundry crossing  cars and driving rules


In order of priorities  right of way boundry crossing  cars

a) Ambulance,cars which carry injured or emergency persons, b) Fire engine , c)  Police cars which follow the guilty persons or to police in emergency times, d) Police cars which makes investigations on spot, e) Civil defence vehicles which are on duty in alarm times, f) Safekeeping vehicles

All of them have rigth of ways when they are on duty. This right used only with to be announced and visible signsand they must not incure a danger public safety. Punishments which are written in regulations  have no binding force on these vehicles. When they come across they should follow the list above. It is forbidden that to use right og way boundry crossing in optinal times.


 Using of sound , music, image and communication vehicles:

   sound , music, image and communication vehicles used only  not to breach of the peace  and how announced in regulations and

If they dont obet these rules vehicles takes down from cars.


Driving rudely and non warily:

 It is forbidden that to drive in highways  as breaching of the peace , driving rudely and non-warily , talking on the mobile while driving and also scattering from cars.  

Pedestrian and scool crossings :

 Drivers must decrease their speed and  give the first crossing  rights to pedestrians when get closer to pedestrian and school crossings already there is no lightere signs or policemens.

School Bus  :

   All the cars must stop when " STOP" signs light on in the school bus.It is forced only to light on when the students get in or get out from buses  or  times as announce with rules". It is pointed in rules how works school cars , conditions and qualities.

Railway Crossing:

   In railway crossings : a)It is forbidden that to drive too fastly from railway level crossings , not to obey "STOP" direcitons which are given by lighted or audible signs and to enter the  gate when there is reduced or semi reduced ticket gates b)Drivers must stop and check there is no rolling stocks before passing if there is no lighted signes or gates.


Column for childrens , disabled person  vehicles ,blind pedestrians :

   a)For childs , non motored vehicles using by disabled drivers admister a law for the pedestrians.  b)All the drivers must stop or decrease their speeds if there is a blind person or person who carry the special signs or same tihings which are determined by laws. c)It is forbidden that to pass between the columns which are directed by authorised persons.

Necessity of Using Protective Cloths for drivers and passengers:

                           Drivers and passengers must use protective cloths during driving.It is determined by laws in which roads and  which type of cars drivers and passengers must use which kind of protective cloths and saferty belts.

Authorized Persons who are able to take parking payments in highways:

Payments only taken by the corporation which is  responsible from the servicing repsronsible of the highways. No one or no corparation couldnt take any money except them. Parking fees , taking systems and other things are determined by the laws.

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